The Demolition & Asbestos Industry Association Queensland Inc. (DAIA) was established in February 2006 to represent the broader resource recovery sector.  DAIA is formerly known as the Demolition Industry Association Queensland (DIAQ, 2017-2018), the Demolition Contractors Association (QLD) Inc. (DCAQ, 2013-2017) and from 2006 to 2016 the association was known as Demolishers, Recyclers & Asbestos Contractors Association of Queensland Inc. (DRACAQ).

DAIA promotes safe work practices for the demolition, asbestos removal, recycling and associated industries and the diversion of waste from landfill achieved through increased recycling of valuable resources and materials resulting from relocation and deconstruction activities.

DAIA encourages and promotes a high standard of service, workmanship and integrity within the demolition and asbestos removal and recycling industries.

Our membership includes individuals, kindred associations, government agencies, demolition contractors & yards, recycling facilities, landfill operators, earth-moving contractors, asbestos removal contractors, consultants, testing laboratories, machinery and equipment suppliers and labour hire and training organisations, and other associated professionals.

The Association has been at the forefront of initiatives with government agencies to help improve training, reduce waste, preferred deconstruction methods to increase recycling, better identification of asbestos hazards, and safer asbestos removal methods. Information forums and regular newsletters advise membership of issues that need to be considered and addressed.

Regular approaches by local, state and federal government agencies for advice and technical expertise and policy development to help the industry and government adapt to the community’s changing expectations.

Our Objects

  • Act as the representative body for our members.
  • Promote our members as professionals in their field.
  • Promote the awareness of the dangers and management of asbestos.

  • Promote public awareness of the services offered by our members.

  • Improve the standard of operational practices within industry for the protection, health and safety of workers and the general public.

  • Promote our Code of Ethics for the guidance of members as to the proper professional conduct within the industry.

  • Promote and encourage future developments that will improve the safety and operation in our businesses.

  • Educate workers and the general public.

  • Provide assistance for members where difficulties arise.

  • Encourage a co-operative working environment.

  • Provide a forum for members to discuss relevant issues.

Our Vision

To advance and lead our industries in compliance, sustainability and best practices.

Our Mission Statement

  • Encourage safe work practices in our industries based on a professional approach to regulatory requirements and compliance codes.
  • Nurture the evolution of positive change to facilitate a sustainable future achieving beneficial environmental outcomes.

  • Effect the dissemination of information and provide a strong representation to industry and relevant authorities.

  • Provide opportunities for networking and support for members.

Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to develop and maintain a standard of conduct that is acceptable to both the community and the membership.

We, as members, agree to uphold this Code of Ethics in all our dealings with fellow members, customers and the community as follows:

  • Put the safety and wellbeing of yourself, staff, customers, and the community, first.

  • Demonstrate honesty and professionalism to all parties you deal with in a positive manner when dealing with government bodies, the community and other associations.

  • Not solicit for work either by calling into question the ability or integrity of another member or by offering or paying to a prospective client financial or material inducements.

  • Not disclose to any third person any finding on behalf of the client without the client's permission, unless there is no way other than disclosure, of averting an immediate risk of death or serious injury. Where disclosure is to occur, the relevant member should notify the client.

  • Ensure all advice given is based on the best available scientific, and current industry evidence.

  • Engage responsibly with the community and other stakeholders – be sensitive to public concerns.

  • Demonstrate integrity – act on the basis of a well-informed conscience and act impartially and objectively to ensure community trust and confidence in the DAIA brand.

  • Demonstrate respect for the DAIA brand and take responsibility for ensuring factual information in all advertising.

  • Be honest and trustworthy – respect confidentiality obligations, express or implied and do not engage in fraudulent, corrupt or criminal conduct.  Uphold the reputation and trustworthiness of the DAIA brand and advocate and support the extension of ethical practice.  Always engage responsibility for public debate and deliberation.

  • Meet financial obligations to subcontractors and suppliers on agreed trading terms or as negotiated

  • Uphold and promote DAIA as a brand that can be trusted.

  • Respect the dignity of all persons – treat others with courtesy and without discrimination or harassment.

  • Maintain and continue to develop relevant knowledge and expertise. 

  • Any breaches of the spirit of the Code of Ethics may be dealt with under the provisions of the Demolition & Asbestos Industry Association (Queensland) Inc. Constitution.



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