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WHSQ Code of Practice 2011 - How to manage and control asbestos in workplace

WHSQ Code of Practice 2011 - How to safely remove asbestos

WHSQ Code of Practice 2013 - Demolition Work

If you are dealing with a rogue operator, sanctions are now live on the Work Safe website under the following links:

Asbestos Removal Article: Click here to read the article on "Don't Mess with Asbestos" by John Jarratt, Ambassador for the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign  

Related Websites

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Asbestos Removal Information:

Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS):

Australian Council of Recyclers (ACOR):  Australia’s peak industry association representing companies involved in recovering secondary resources.

Australian Refrigeration Council:

Brisbane City Council - Garden Bag Member rates:

Civil Contractors Federation of Australia:  The representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia providing assistance and expertise in contractor development and industry issues.

Drayton’s Workplace Consulting Pty Ltd:  A specialist consulting business providing a range of support services to businesses including workplace agreements, recruitment, HR management and planning.

Local Government Association of Queensland:  The peak body representing Local Government in its dealings with other Governments, unions, business and the community.

  Mates in Construction - MATES in Construction is a charity established in 2008 to reduce the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers. It is owned and controlled by the Australian Building and Construction Industry.

Mesothelioma Center (USA)

Mesothelioma Guide (USA):

Queensland HealthDirect link to Queensland Health’s information on asbestos. 

Training (MTO Group): Certificate III & IV in Demolition, RTO offering certificates at a discounted rate for DAIA members. See Preferred Suppliers Directory for more information. Click here for Cert III information pack or click here for Cert IV information pack.

Waste Recycling Industry Association (Qld):  Represents private and corporatised contractors whose core business in Queensland is contracting to provide essential waste and recycling services.

Waste Management Association of Australia:  Australia's peak association for waste management professionals in the waste and resource recovery industry.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland:  Government department responsible for workplace inspection and risk management, and for the implementation of safety and procedures at work. 

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